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Lingam Massage

It is a massage focused on the genital organ
male. In it, the massaging experiences different and
extraordinary ways of feeling pleasure, as well as being a
massage therapy that has the benefits of helping
premature or late ejaculation, impotence, insensitivity and
other more.

Tantric Massage

It is an intense energy exchange between the
masseur and the client. It is performed with light touches and
sensations along the body, working the breath and
stimulating the erogenous parts. Ends with Lingam massage or Yoni.

Yoni Massage

It is a massage focused on the genital organ
female. The goal of Yoni is to provide the experience of having
multiple orgasms through touch and develop new
possibilities of pleasure beyond penetration.

Nuru Massage

The therapist will use the whole body to massage the client. In this, it is very likely that the client is also invited to massage the therapist. It is the most intense way to feel pleasure and achieve orgasm without the actual sexual relationship. Ends with Lingam massage or Yoni.

Relaxation Massage

This massage helps
toning and helps in recovery of muscles in balance
of the internal organs and nervous system, increases breathing
cellular and blood circulation. It also causes a great
feeling of rest and well being. Ends with Lingam massage or Yoni.

Massage for Couple

The couple stay together in the same
office where each one receives the massage by a therapist,
being able to be male or female therapist. They both receive
massage simultaneously, being able to experience sensations of
extreme pleasure next to each other.

4-Hand Massage

It is the Nuru massage performed by two
therapists, being able to be male or female. For those who want to experience unique moments of the extreme pleasure.

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