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Allow yourself is a space specializing in massages
tantric, sensual and therapeutic.
It is located in central Lisbon and has
necessary structure for your comfort and well-being.

  • Service to men and women
  • All air-conditioned areas
  • Accredited Therapists
  • Discreet Space
  • In the center of Lisbon
  • Easy access to public transport and car park.
Novelty - Permita-se!

Jacuzzi Massage

It is a very sensual massage starting in the Jacuzzi, with bath salts, where the therapist will begin the practice of therapy, with very subtle touches, can continue in the Jacuzzi or move to the Tatami.
This massage will awaken all your senses, fighting the stress and tiredness of the day.

Duration: 30m / 45m / 60m

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For your convenience, you can book your massage by sending an email - or call 919 421 403 |216 085 572
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