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Fetish Massage

We carry out all types of fetishes and fantasies.
Come and satisfy and feel new sensations.

Length: 30m / 45m / 60m

Exclusive Massage

Sensual massage that includes an erotic shower and a good bottle of wine or sparkling wine to enjoy together. Afterwards, the Nuru massage is initiated to intensify the level of eroticism and sensuality.

Duration: 90 min

Jacuzzi Massage

It is a very sensual and relaxing massage in the Jacuzzi, being able to pass to Tatami. This massage will awaken all your senses, fighting stress and tiredness of the day.

Length: 60m / 90m

Gold Massage

It is a massage with an intermediate process of all massage techniques in one, allowing the high level of the most intense pleasure imaginable to be sustained.
Extremely pleasant and unforgettable massage.

Length: 60 m

Body To Body Massage

It is a massage with high erotic and sensual content and relaxation where the masseuse is usually naked and does the massage using all parts of her body to transmit strong sensations and energy. This massage is usually done on tatami (floor) but can also be done on a marquise.

Length: 30m / 45m / 60m

4-Hand Massage

It is the massage performed by two therapists, which can be male or female.
For those who want to experience unique moments of extreme pleasure.

Duration: 60m

Sports Massage

Unlike a massage for relaxation, sports massage is a great tool to prepare and recover the muscles of those who exercise. For those who practice physical activity it is essential to know more about what sports massage is, as this way the yields will increase considerably.

Length: 30m / 45m / 60m

Mystery Massage

For the first 30 minutes the client chooses the Therapist.
The second therapist will be surprised.

Duration: 60 minutes

Prostatic massage

It is a massage where the therapist stimulates the man's prostate, providing a very intense and prolonged pleasure.
It is a therapy advised by specialist doctors.

Length: 30m / 45m / 60m

Lingam Massage

It is a massage focused on the male genital organ.
There, the massage therapist experiences different and extraordinary ways of feeling pleasure, in addition to being a therapeutic massage that has the benefits of helping with premature or late ejaculation, impotence, insensitivity and more.

Length: 30m

Tantric massage

It is an intense exchange of energy between the masseuse and the client. It is performed with light and sensitive touches throughout the body, working on breathing and stimulating the erogenous parts.

Length: 30m / 45m / 60m

Yoni Massage

It is a massage focused on the female genital organ. Yoni's goal is to provide the experience of having multiple orgasms through touch and to develop new possibilities of pleasure beyond penetration.

Length: 30m / 45m / 60m

Nuru Massage

The therapist will use the entire body to massage the client. It is very likely that the client will also be asked to massage the therapist. Nuru oil is used for this massage.

Length: 60 m

Relaxation Massage

This massage helps in toning and helps in the recovery of muscles in the balance of internal organs and nervous system, increases cellular respiration and blood circulation. It also causes a great feeling of rest and well-being.

Length: 30m / 45m / 60m

Couple Massage

The couple stays together in the same room where each one receives the massage by a therapist, being able to be male or female therapist. Both receive massage simultaneously, being able to experience sensations of extreme pleasure next to each other.

Duration: 60m

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